Friday, December 30, 2005

Quiet Christmas

The sermon at church was a bit weird as he was telling us all about his "intelligently atheist son" and a few others comments which I can't remember now. He is leaving our church soon and moving to Halifax so maybe it was a bit of a parting shot.

Despite my parents coming back for Christmas which was undoubtedly the best present this year (but I won't go on about that again), it's been a quiet week (unlike last year) which i've used to earn profit at poker (though i did only come 10th in my big prize event on boxing day securing me £0 - only top 6 won but not bad to say I was up against some pros), and perfect myself at Pro Evolution Soccer 5, WRC Rally Evolved and Football Manager 2006. I'm going out for lunch tomorrow. Not sure who going yet. It also appears to be new years eve.

I'm not a big new years eve fan. It's just another day and it's always packed whereever you go and there's never any taxis to get home in. I'm not sure what i'm doing tomorrow night yet.

On an unhappy note I decided to tell my parents I play poker for money. Even though i'm currently around breakeven and made profit for the last five months, the reaction was not good. Ah well. It's my hobby and something i'm good at (now) so they'll have to get used to it. I'm sure they'll get over it!


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