Monday, January 02, 2006

Darts Final

Phil "The Power" Taylor won his 13th world darts title tonight after thrashing Peter "One Dart" Manley 7-0 again as he did in 2002. He averaged over 100 in every set with 3 darts and set a new record for a final with 106.74 and looked more like an exhibition match than a world final.

There's a link on Manley's website to Bulleye online which is an attempt to bring Bullseye back to our screens. Personally I think it is best left in TV history and watched occasionally on Challenge which I did today with Jim Bowen in his pink suit and two guys won the star prize - a C reg Ford Fiesta. Bowen then ended the show with "And you know what - neither of them can drive! Goodnight."

On the subject of darts there was a quiz question last year which went something like this:- "What is the lowest number that you can't finish on with 3 darts?" Taylor did the highest possible of 170 tonight. Hopefully someone will comment with the answer. If not, I'll work it out and put it in the next post.


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