Sunday, January 01, 2006

The End Of 2005

It was decided that a night in the Big 6 would be where we would spend the turning of the year. I arrived with Bill around 9:30 soon to be joined by Ed and then we waited for about 45 minutes for JJ, Lucy, Dave, and Kate to turn up as it was JJ's round due to his lack of funds at the Murg the previous week!

This was my second trip of the day to Halifax as I had already been out for lunch with JJ, Lucy, Dave, Kate, Amanda, Luke, and Shelley to Bar Eleven where I had a steak and mushroom "pie". It wasn't served as a pie. The steak and mushrooms came in a bowl with pastry on top. Still, it was a nice meal and left me full for the rest of the day.

Anyway, back in the 6 and after moving stools from one side of the pub to the other (not easy when it is packed and difficult to squeeze through people anyway) we settled in the games room for the night. I was driving as I really couldn't be arsed with a taxi at New Year as stated in my previous post and so completes my festive period without alcohol (if you don't include the parties beforehand that is (hmmm maybe that's a flaw)).

I topped up with J2O at about 11:50 and then 2005 was no more...


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