Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Start of 2006

Woo it's 2006 so everyone wished each other happy new year! I was then confronted by a woman, "Who haven't I kissed yet?" as she planted me one on the lips. Pah who needs mistletoe eh?! I got a few more of them before the night was out which was certainly different to last year but I guess this was due to the location. Not that last year was bad in any way of course.

I then took on Ed at darts. He gave up after many failed attempts at a double. I carried on and eventually fired in the double 1 after about an hour of throwing. I now see why it's important for darts players to keep fit. Phil "The Power" Taylor has just beaten Wayne "Hawaii 501" Mardle 6-5 in his semi at the PDC (proper darts champions)* world championships and is going for his 13th world title tomorrow.

I also played Space Invaders and Pinball which was fun and we left the pub just before 3am (as last week oddly enough). I got home to find one of my brothers mates (from his house party) quite ill. They walked him home though and were quiet about it so that was ok. I'd just got to sleep then I received a couple of texts at 4:20 wishing me a happy new year that were sent at midnight. I got to sleep again aroud 5am.

I had a bit of a lie in but it didn't seem like new years day because there was no football, in the same way Christmas Eve didn't seem like a Saturday as there was none then. I didn't bother with a new year walk today as I felt I'd had enough exercise collecting darts last night!

So it's 2006. The World Cup seems ever closer!

* I believe PDC actually stands for Professional Darts Council but feel free to correct me if you disagree.


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