Tuesday, March 21, 2006

How Unfit Am I? Day 7

The final day was the 2nd steppiest (like that's a word) day of the feature with 3503 steps being taken.

In response to Bill's comment, I'm quite sure it is set on the correct sensitivity. Remember, when you are baking, you are standing and stepping a few times whereas my Sunday consisted of sitting of the sofa watching sport or being in bed or on the computer. It therefore took me 805 steps to just walk round the house all day.

I'd say this was an above average lazy week for me and that I would do more than 25,000 steps in an average week and probably up to 50,000 in a week where I was working every day, going into town at lunchtime every day, going out three nights of the week, going to a football match etc. However it has brought to my attention that maybe I should exercise more after completing under a quarter of the recommended steps in a week. Whilst it has brought it to my attention, I'm unlikely to change my ways in the near future.

Wasn't there a school of thought a while back that just by thinking about exercise you were burning off nearly as many calories as doing it. Surely watching all that football must help. I've decided to wear the pedometer in the future only when I have a chance of reaching the magic 10,000 mark and can assure readers they will be informed if and when it is reached.

So that is the end of the pedometer feature sponsored by Royal Bank of Scotland (it's an RBS pedometer). The conclusion - very unfit.


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