Thursday, March 23, 2006

Snooker Tickets In High Demand

I have just been reminded of when I bought this years tickets for the World Snooker Championships 2006. The ticket hotline opened at 9:30am about 4 Saturdays ago. I tried to get through and eventually succeeded at about midday - only to be told that tickets for all the quarter finals onwards were sold out as were all possible sessions for Jimmy White and Ronnie O'Sullivan. This annoyed me and the match I will be seeing is a 2nd round match (possibly Matthew Stevens v Ken Doherty) which I could only get on row 13 for. There are only 15 rows at The Crucible Theatre so that's not good. My recommendations are:-

1. Build a snookerdome - more seats
2. Raise prices and give less free tickets away
3. Open more than one line when ticket lines open
4. Don't advertise online booking when the server clearly can't handle it
5. Give less tickets to sponsors and people who don't really care what happens and more to real fans who will now have to buy their tickets for important matches on eBay.

Hopefully if these recommendations are implemented, I will get some decent seats next year.


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