Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's Nearly Easter

I'm having some time off work at the moment - about three weeks as it turns out. However I am at FT on Easter Monday which is not good and for the rest of next week too. I'm working for a couple of days the following week and then I'm off until 2nd May. I guess I'll be studying and doing student society accounts and exciting things like that during my time off. How sad!

Kate, her mum, JJ and I went to The Big Six on Monday where we beat a team of "12" (twelve) by around 30 points. I'm sure we weren't quite that bad five or six years ago. On Tuesday night Kate JJ and I met up with Amanda and Luke for a quiet catch up drink which was pleasant.

I'm 3rd in The Sun Fantasy Football now but due to the top player earning a bonus 20 points at the end of the season, if the season was to finish now I would be 2nd. I would say i'm in good shape for £5000 but the Easter fixtures are bound to help determine how well things are going.


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