Monday, April 03, 2006

Shaken But Not A Time For Corny Cliques

The AA finally came after a ninety minute or so wait and we got taken to a friendly garage in Hemel Hempstead (at least I think it was Hemel Hempstead as I wasn't too sure on our bearings). It certainly wasn't the town centre and we had a late lnch in a pub which was nowhere near empty. My first thoughts were whether anyone had a job round there. Anyway enough of that.

The garage (D J Performance Ltd) were very kind to us and special thanks go to recovery driver Chris and the boss who I would liken to Peggy Mitchell off Eastenders! The real AA then came in an old uncomfortable recovery vehicle and then swapped to a newer one at Donington Park Services. Both of their drivers were also friendly.

No details about the crash on here yet - I don't want the blog taken to court. Just to say I'm now at home (obviously) and my first hotel stay for over ten years will have to wait.

P.S. I was quite impressed with the e-mail sent to the blog earlier while I was bored, it seems the New Ways To Blog are useful though I doubt I'll ever be posting from there again!


At Tue Apr 04, 04:08:00 pm 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

or corny clich├ęs even... ;-)

Glad you're ok!

At Tue Apr 04, 08:13:00 pm 2006, Blogger Toph said...

Good spot Ed. Maybe I took a bang to the head that is affecting my vocabulary. I think i'm having a check up tomorrow to ensure I'm ok.

At Wed Apr 05, 01:56:00 pm 2006, Blogger Sarah S said...

Hi Toph

Glad you are ok. I was in a car crash on the M1 on my way home at Christmas. I was quite shaken up by the whole experience but it does get easier very quikly. And as JJ said, you are ok which is the most important can buy new cars but not new people!



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