Monday, May 22, 2006

London, Leicester But No Lovely Ladies

I set off for London with my parents on Friday morning ready to collect my prize and have my photo taken but without Phil as he couldn't get time off work. Somehow, he managed to get time off and met us at Leeds Station. We arrived in London about lunchtime and were instructed to take the Underground from Kings Cross to Baker Street. This was quite new for me as i've not been to London since I was 10 excluding my quick trip last month. The reporter, photographer, and my family went to Regents Park and had our pictures taken. I'll put the photos on here when I have time to fiddle about with the coding and stuff and transferring the phos on the computer. To my relief there were no Page 3 girls present but it did attract quite a bit of attention. The article can be viewed here but for how long I don't know.

On Saturday I went to Leicester with Rob to the Walkers Stadium to watch the Conference Play-Off Final between Halifax and Hereford. Halifax led twice and probably deserved victory but seemed to be downhearted after an extra tie disallowed goal and went on to lose 3-2 after extra time. Rob scatched his car on a pillar trying to get out of the car park. He also set an unofficial world speed record for a Ford Ka of 109 mph.

As I am enjoying my fifteen minutes of fame at the moment, so is my blog with over 100 visitors last week for the first time. Keep reading folks!


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