Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Eaten By Pool Shark

Last Wednesday was Kate's birthday so JJ and I joined her for a quiet drink. However in the pub we met a pair of guys from school. Mr Brook and Mr Lord, now living together ("but not in a gay way") near the scene of a recentmajor accident were chatty and so we joined them for the night. I was then challenged to a game of pool by them but was warned by Martin he was very good. In our first game, I was outclassed but only lost with one ball left on the table. In our second game, he had 3 visits to the table and only had the black to pot.

I hadn't potted anything and suddenly the "run round the table with your pants round your ankles" rule looked like it may backfire in a horrific way. Luckily he potted the white instead of the black and after only 3 more visits myself, I cleared up and won the game! I then beat Spencer who was a good match and more on my level. Martin then trounced me as in our first match though I feel after less beer he would've won by more. Kate and JJ then played out a new record slow game of 28 minutes with Kate once again triumphing on the black.

It was my dad's birthday too but he wants to go to sleep now so I must end the post here.


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