Sunday, August 27, 2006

Four More August Leavers

I've not posted much recently as all it would have said was "Got up, went to work, came home, studied, went to bed" which doesn't make good reading for a lot of consecutive days. Sarah and John came up to Halifax last weekend which and it was good to see them again but apart from that nothing of note has happened since my last post. Until Friday that is...

It was Patrick's last day on Friday and with Cheryl leaving last week and Andy and Pat next week it was time for another leaving do. I didn't drink as much as last year but was still quite merry later on. There was almost more ex employees than current ones out which was strange but it was a fun evening in most respects. Hopefully the audit three will all be happy in their new positions.

Huddersfield Town always seem to put forward their kick off time when i'm hungover and Saturday's match against Nottingham Forest was no different. As they are supposed to be the best team in the league I went with Rob but didn't brave the singing section as I was still feeling a bit rough. I wasn't expecting much as they had won all their league games so far and we hadn't really lookded impressive but we totally dominated a very entertaining match and deserved more than a 1-1 draw.

Yesterday evening, JJ and I met up with Rosie who was in Halifax for the weekend for a meal and a drink or two or more. It turned out to be more. We all ordered Mixed Grils at Wetherspoons but the waiter came and said they didn't have any. We ordered separately steak, chicken and gammon so we could have made our own mixed grill. We assumed they'd run out of the ready made ones or didn't want to cook them at peak time. We ended up in Maine Street really early (2nd group of people in) and appreciated the reasons for it being called Maine Street. I'm sure there's never been any trees or platforms there though - Ed please confirm. There was no sign of falling roof below and the Coliseum was open as normal. It was great to catch up with Rosie and she's leaving too to go to London so good luck there.

Sadly the next two or three weeks are likely to consist of "Get up, study, go to bed" so i'll only post when something slightly more interesting is happening.


At Mon Aug 28, 11:17:00 am 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maine street has had lamposts, trees, stars cobbled central road and pavements at the side for as long as I can remember...? The road bit has sort of seat/tree round things sticknig up from the middle too.
ALthough, its not to say they haven't changed the trees etc, or chenged the "bars" around the outside.

At Mon Aug 28, 03:16:00 pm 2006, Blogger Dozy Rosie said...

See - I said they were round before :b

At Tue Aug 29, 03:15:00 pm 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I concur.


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