Thursday, September 21, 2006

Film Inspired Post

I don't watch many films as they are long and I get bored but with nothing better to do with my time I have just watched Team America World Police which I have have been meaning to watch for some time now. It was funny but by no means the greatest film ever.

Watching this film did remind me of the best bit of front page news in the Brighouse Echo since I was there! Click on the first link to read the full story but put simply, some pranksters have been going round Brighouse putting fake planning notices up. These are the normal Calderdale ones you see on a yellow board with an A4 sheet in the middle. They worried some people though when the one outside Brighouse Police Station said that the Police Station was to be turned into an Al Qaida training camp! It shouldn't be funny but it just is. Police are treating the notices as a prank. Perhaps this means they see the funny side of it too though I wouldn't recommend my readers turning to such measures in the future.


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