Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lowest Ever Quiz Score...

... But not by us! We (Kate, her mum and I) thought we were doing quite badly compared to all the other teams and so it proved with a "thanks for turning up" statement at the end and a probable 10th out of 11 placing and 67 out of 138. But Landlord John couldn't really be rude about our score this week as the "quiz virgins" (whose paper we were marking) managed to get 25 (including the picture round)!

They kept saying how great we were doing and stuff which was funny since we were the worst out of everyone else. The couple's problems started when neither of them had brought their glasses so couldn't really see much. Luckily Kate's mum's glasses seemed to match the lady's prescription very well and she wrote for the rest of the night! 4 out of 50 in the theme and music rounds with more than a little help (including a Phoenix Nights moment (everyone in the pub sings a long until they sing the title) when Daydream Believer was played) helped on the way to their 25!

They then won the raffle too which was a giant Smirnoff bottle that wouldn't fit under the bar! They summed their experience up, as many Big Six "quiz virgins" do by saying "It was good fun, but we're not coming again!"

In other news my computer now works properly at work, though I won't be seeing much of it as i'm out for the next three and a half weeks.


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