Wednesday, October 11, 2006

BBC Adverts, Schumacher Broke Down, The Match 3

Upon getting home at around 1:30 on Sunday morning I switched my TV to find an advert with a motorcyclist being warned of all the dangers he is about to encounter such as "watch out for that tractor" and then he slows down as he knows a tractor is about to pull out in front of him. This was from Think!, the road safety campaigners and is the third such "advert" i've seen on the BBC. There's that lifeboat one with Punch and Judy and "oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside" in the background from the RNLI I guess and the one which shows you get locked up abroad if you smuggle drugs and advising you not to do it from the Government. I suppose these can be classed as public information films rather than adverts so I can't really complain about them but maybe this is the start of things to come. How long before Persil is being advertised between Watchdog and Eastenders?

After turning my TV at 2:00 it was back on at 5:00 for the last silly o'clock Grand Prix of the season. Schumacher broke down for the first tim e in over five years making him very unlikely to win the world championship. I believe this was all his past sins catching up on him and served him right. It loks like it won't be a fairytale end to his career for F1's most disliked champion. Ha!

The evening saw the third year of The Match on Sky One which sees a team of celebrities take on a team of ex-professionals. The celebs lost 2-0 this year and it was quite a poor game after Ian Rush scored the first goal after 16 minutes. Maybe they'll win next year!


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