Sunday, October 01, 2006


Not much happened on Friday apart from I caught up on my sleep by having a relatively early night.

Yesterday Rob and I went to see Huddersfield play Bournemouth. It finished 2-2 which I suppose I should be happy with as Town were behind twice but we were territorially superior and really should have scored more. Defensive errors let us down at the back again but otherwise it was a good game and a pretty solid performance. I think Pawel Abbott got booed off as he seemed to stop trying again but that was ok as we scored immediately after he left the field!

In the evening I went into Halifax with Kate and JJ which was good. We spent about £5 on quiz machines and set thenew record number of words on Word Up (33), reached Bully's Prize Board on Bullseye, and I set the highest local score on No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em in Jumpin Jaks but sadly none of these feats were good enough to secure a cash prize. When we left there were four police cars and two police vans outside the Coliseum to arrest people and we saw at least one being thrown into the back of the van. My taxi driver knew almost exactly where my road was (after i'd told him obviously as he wasn't psychic) which is not the norm from Halifax taxi drivers.

After going to bed at 2:37 I woke up at 5:59 for the Chinese Grand Prix and watched that from my bed for three hours but I did keep drifting to sleep now and again. No-one else in the house was up by 9:00 so I decided to get some more sleep. I eventually got up at about 12:30 after putting up with a low flying helicopter, a loud aeroplane, two people mowing their lawns (my bedroom is downstairs making these louder), and my mum hoovering the lounge carpet, followed by steam cleaning it all ( we have a huge lounge so this was a lengthy process) and the final straw was when they started drilling to put the new curtain rail up. As you can imagine i've been quite tired and grumpy all day as a result so perhaps another early night is in store tonight. I do wish people would respect Sunday mornings. If you're not going to go to church, just be peaceful! Grrrrr.


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