Thursday, November 09, 2006

So, Last Friday

My apologies for the abrupt end to my last post. I was sat by myself in a pub for what I thought was going to be 35 minutes. It turned out to be five minutes as I was joined by fellow Old Crocs Messrs Lord, Irving, and Bateman. So we had a quick catch up and then the night went downhill. I was Rob's guest his his mate's brother's engagement party at Bar Eleven. We knew no-one else there and it seemed that was the case with half of the people there as everyone looked bored out of their mind. The buffet was good, as were the Smirnoff Ices. We then ventured to Jumpin Jaks and got in for free as it was deserted when it is normally full. Perhaps the reopening of the former La Mania had something to do with it.

On Saturday Rob and I went to watch Huddersfield Town play Scunthorpe. It was just another game really, not drab but not really exciting with 1-1 being the final scoreline. Also at the weekend my fantasy football team reached the top 10,000 for the first time this season. Don't think the £125k is on this year :-(

And finally, just a quick note to say I get the keys to my new house tomorrow so i'm off work. I might even find time to do a quick post to give people who are bored on a Friday afternoon to look at :-) I aim to please.


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