Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back Home

Just a moment after i'd finished the last post (and my first drink), everyone turned up and we all had a good night. I had a Sex On The Beach in Lush. The pool tables now gon and the former Edison's is trying to attract a classier crowd. They seemed to be succeeding until a small scuffle broke out but that didn't really affect us. We went straight to Jaks after that and met up with Shelley. I had pints. It was very busy due to the lack of Coli action. We then went for a pizza and I came home in a very cheap charging taxi. I've been reminded of many past experiences tonight like my whole life flashing before my eyes (well some of it). JJ also revealed the reason behind his non appearance last night which I feel it's not my place to tell the world about so I won't! Emma Bunton's pregnant and it's not mine. There's always Cameron Diaz. It's cold here but I'm playing poker so I can't go to bed yet. Someone just got a royal flush (1 hole card) which I have never seen before - amazing! I came a credible 4th out of 9 with drink not playing a major role. Haven't won for 31 games now which isn't good as it should be one every ten. Never mind - there's always last month :-)

It's 4am - bedtime


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