Wednesday, January 31, 2007


O've had afternoon off to go to a funeral of one of my grandma's friends, Joan who recent;y passed away. She'll be remembered for her constant smoking and gruff laugh. I remember being at her house when England beat Italy in the 1990 rugby world cup. I think it was 30-0. I also remember beating a relative of hers (might be her brother (Robert, a tall Guernsey ex-cop)) at Fives and Threes when I was about nine or ten. He recalled the victory when thanking me for coming which was nice.

Also today this happened to everyone's mate at work. He is gone now but will be long remembered. Morale is low, disbelief is high. I do have every confidence though, that it's not the last I'll see of him and he'll bounce back stronger and wiser from his experience with us.


At Fri Feb 23, 11:59:00 pm 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps if he'd been less disruptive it wouldn't have happened


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