Friday, January 04, 2008

First Post Of 2008

On New Years Eve it was decided we should go to The Moorings in Sowerby Bridge. So we did. JJ and Caroline stayed in as JJ was ill. Ed was also ill. Bill came but was really tired so left about 10:45 leaving just Kate, Shelley, Amanda and Luke. We left about 2:00 and went back to Kate's and finally got to bed about 6:00. I was very drunk and quite sick though. Must've been the glass of champagne I had. Or maybe the vodka and Red Bull. They both tend to make me unwell. Four stellas won't have helped. Nor would the red wine or vodka and orange now I think about it. Hmmmm.

I have the house to myself next week as i'm taking my brother to the airport at 2:30am as he's off skiing.


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