Sunday, February 17, 2008

Las Vegas Part Four - Between Wedding and Grand Canyon

... The wedding was a short affair. The minister (controversially in my opinion) said to the best man referring to the five bridesmaids "You're outnumbered there but that's how i like it!" Then the ceremony took place and photos were taken and in under half an hour we were back in the bar at Giorgio's in Mandalay Bay Hotel where the reception was held. The best man's speech was nice and just about audible! There was a free bar for a while so we drank more. It was a really nice and happy occasion for all. I drank some more and gambled a little then I had another yard of frozen strawberry margherita. At this point I took $40 on a poker table with me and lost $35 in the first hand so I felt it wise to put another $50 down. This lasted about 10 minutes and I was not to hit the tables again! I should know better than to drink and gamble! Farewells were said to those leaving on Tuesday and Kate and I were the last to bed at 2am!

Tuesday 29th January - I felt fine in the morning so Kate and I went to the Bellagio for Brunch. This was awesome! All other all you can eat places had symmetrical sides with the same food on either side but here there were different foods. Being an all you can eat buffet I had 3 main courses and 3 desserts! I had ham, salami, salmon, tomato, trout, more salmon, shrimp, margherita pizza, two types of pasta, pepperoni pizza, beef, lamb, potatoes, mushrooms and more tomato. I had to take a five minute break before chocolate caramel cake, chocolate fudge cake and a chocolate chip cookie. This was the best meal ever and I didn't eat again for 27 hours!

We saw lots of tat shops on the way back with plenty of rude T-Shirts shamelessly being sold on the street reephasising my belief that Vegas is no place for children, in fact given the number of times I was ID'd anyone under 21. In the evening 12 of us went to the Stratosphere to see the American Legends show. Elvis, Tim McGraw, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson were billed but Britney was ill and replaced by Rod Stewart. He had dancers though so I wasn't too disappointed as they were very pretty! The most memorable bit was probably Michael Jackson's dancing which was ace! We (6 of us) then went to the top of the 110 floor Stratosphere and Kate went on a ride at the top. Too scary for me! Then, without going to the bar, we went to bed ready for an early start in the morning...


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