Thursday, February 14, 2008

Las Vegas Part Three - Between Fire And Wedding

... Mid Friday afternoon and we couldn't do anything in the hotel without our luggage so Kate and I went for a wander round some hotels and casinos down The Strip including Caesar's Palace with an impressive gambling area and nice ceilings and New York New York with lots of New York landmarks in it. I went to bed at 11:00 after another really long day but some stayed up til 7am for the second morning running. Hardcore!

Saturday 26th January - I had the all you can eat buffet breakfast at Luxor which was good but not as good as some others. I was with Kevin (Kate's step-brother who was getting married), Kerry (his fiancee), Claire, Catherine (Kate's step-sisters) and Trish (a cousin) as Kate was not feeling so well after the night before. She was fine for the afternoon though so we walked the length of The Strip via the Venetian Hotel where gondolas were sailing on a canal on the second floor. Vegas is a crazy place! The other end of The Strip is a little more seedy and we finished our trip at The Stratosphere.

As the wedding had now been postponed until Monday, the stag night had been postponed until Sunday, so we went to Old Las Vegas town at Fremont St and saw an impressive light show. I also had the first of my yard of frozen strawberry margherita. Mmmmm. It was a bit friendlier and had more locals there but also seemed more dangerous. I went to bed about 2am then it pissed it down and my roof leaked big style in two places. So much so it had filled a waste bin by 6:45am. Luckily the rain soon stopped but i didn't get much sleep.

Sunday 27th January - I stayed in the hotel most of the day until the stag do in the evening which was well organised at the last minute by Mark (friend) as Martin (Kate's sister and best man) was not well and very tired. First we (being 14 guys this time) went to Caesar's Palace for a quiet drink.

Then we went to Coyote Ugly in New York New York. It's like the film where bar girls dance on the bar but somehow felt better than Jumpin Jaks! It was an American lass's 24th birthday so she got up on stage (bar) for a free short (ok four or five free shorts) poured down her throat. She wasn't a small girl and when trying to get up from her kneeling position, couldn't take her own weight and fell ungracefully head first off the bar. The whole place was in stitches for about 20 seconds as it was one of the funniest things ever. However it soon became clear she was quite hurt. Six extra security staff were drafted in to take pictures of the scene and to ensure she got attention and after she was wheeled off in a wheelchair the floor was swiftly mopped where her had had hit it. I imagine she just had a very sore neck and an even sorer head and hope she's ok. No doubt she'll get a compensation pay off - after all it is America!

Next we went to The Hard Rock Hotel. This was a nice bar which appeared to be full of the girls that the Mexicans from Part One were selling. They were all over, being very nice and chatty but most wanting cash for any "service" they may provide to you. We passed on this and returned to the hotel bar for a drink or two and I was one of the last to bed at 2:30.

Monday 28th January - I was hungover. I made it up for brunch late morning in the Pyramid Cafe in Luxor then went back to bed. Feeling a bit better, we met in the bar (again) for pre wedding drinks. This was to be my first non alcoholic drink of the holiday in the bar. We then headed upstairs to the Wedding Chapel where (unsurprisingly) the wedding took place...


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