Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 Into 2009

2008 was quite a quiet year on the whole. Since my last post there's not been a lot worth mentioning. I did a couple of exams which seemed to go ok but will have to wait until February for the results. Then there were four Christmas parties with work (inhouse, students, work, and audit) which were all good and I don't seem to have put any weight on which is good (not that that really bothers me).

On New Years Eve we ended up at The Moorings like last year. We had a pizza and a drink or two or three and then went to the pub. Kate and Jon, JJ and Caroline, Lucy and Dave, Amanda and I got a table fairly quickly considering how busy it was and stayed there for the night until about 1:30. I wasn't ill like last year and think everyone had a good time. We also got invited to a sex party from the table next to us but we politely declined.

Maybe 2009 will be a more interesting year for me. Maybe it won't. Maybe i'll write about it! Happy new year readers!


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