Friday, January 16, 2009

Bad Car, Good Food, Long Waits

Phil sold his Mazda MX-5 last week that he's owned for about nine months making a big financial loss and has learnt the important lesson never to buy a car from Andy Cobb aka Andrew Cobb of Rotherham trading as AC Cars. Hopefully others will heed this warning.

I've been out for four meals in thepast three days. On Wednesday night I went to Zizzi's in Leeds. It's a nice place but the head chef walked out while we were there so we had to wait over an hour and a half for our food. We still had a good time though and Kari enjoyed her birthday.

Yesterday we went to Varsity from lunch. Four meals came promptly and two came about ten minutes later one of them being mine. I couldn't go wrong for my next two meals though with my mum cooking for me last night and Pizza Hut all you can eat buffet at lunchtime today though there was a short period when they ran out of pizza due to the Wheawills guys being pizza destroyers!

I should mention too that Adeel left last week. He'll be missed but i'm kinda used to people leaving now so life and work goes on.

Roz will also be missed by me as she's gone to Jackson, Mississippi for five months to defend people on death row, getting more press coverage than me in the process!


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