Thursday, January 15, 2009

Record Update

Last January a new viewing record was set for number of viewers of this blog. 64 in a day, 257 in a week and, just beating the previous record, 399 in the month. As you can see from the figures below, all these have now been well and truly broken.

27 Dec, Sat 16
28 Dec, Sun 21
29 Dec, Mon 36
30 Dec, Tue 25
31 Dec, Wed 54
01 Jan, Thu 77
02 Jan, Fri 119
03 Jan, Sat 134
04 Jan, Sun 242
05 Jan, Mon 239
06 Jan, Tue 68
07 Jan, Wed 28
08 Jan, Thu 14

Week 01 687
Week 02 382

This is all due to the fact that when people around the world search for any variant of when they should take down their Christmas decorations, this post from tree years ago is shown very high on search engines. Hopefully they liked what they read and will return at some point. The next aim is 1000 hits for the month and it's looking good at the moment. I'll update on that when it's happened!


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