Sunday, July 17, 2011

Softball 2011

9th July saw the 5th Annual Softball tournament with work and a load of other professionals from Huddersfield. It has now been moved from June in an attempt to avoid rain. This didn't work.

We started off well with 3 home runs from the first 3 hits.Then we managed 2 run outs from the same ball. Being an experienced softballer, I am fully aware that I am quite rubbish so instead of going for slog shots, I now know to take advantage of the field. Literally. It is quite easy to hit it so I edge it behind me where there are no fielders and long grass. This worked perfectly. I did it, ran, and instantly fell over. I looked quite silly but still got to 2nd base due to my genius plan. I got 2 not out in this game which we won comfortably.

In our 2nd game it had just begun to rain when it started. The whistle went as it was too wet to continue, but both teams wanting to win continued anyway. It was only a bit of drizzle. Soon after it thundered and got rather heavy, but we hadn't batted yet. So we did. It was close. I clinched the winning run after another tickle into the long grass. So that was it, game over. Then the rain stopped. Typical.

We then had a quiz due to the shortened softball competition. We won the quiz with 44 out of 50 with the nearest to us getting 38. 10 on a team and the odd phone helped but it was just for fun anyway. We also were joint winners at softball so had a tie break question. How many islands make up Fiji? We said 550, the other team said 1. The answer was 322 so we won the shield and £10 M&S voucher each. Well done to Adeel, Cheryl, James, Rhys (James' mate), Anton, Tom, Georgina, Andrew and Darren for being on our winning team.

I then decided to go home on the motorway. I soon found myself heading for Lancashire realising I you can't go East on the M62 from Junction 23. It was a nice sunset over the hills anyway!


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