Monday, September 17, 2012

Season 2011-2012

Partially due to the previous season and mainly due to the Gambling Commission's rules, number of teams was limited to 60 + 1 free team in Sun Dream Team this season. There were no mini league prizes but a huge number of prizes available for finishing in the top 100. Given my previous record I decided this was doable so gave it a shot by myself spending the maximum £250. As well as the season long prizes (which I won none of) there were prizes over 30 weekends for the top 100 in Weekend Dream Team. 3 extra players had to be added to the team and a star man selected for double points. This took a good 2 hours every Friday night for all my teams but I figured it would be worth it in the long run. I seem to remember only winning 1 (£100) in the first 13 weekends and getting slightly worried my "investment" would be a bad one but then I went onto a winning run and finished the season with £900 becoming the equal most winningest manager for the Weekend Dream Team season. 3rd place was the best I got as the top prize (£1000) evaded me but I was pleased to be back at the top of the game in that respect. In the final season of You The Manager in the Mirror, there was a £1000 prize for coming last over the season. With there being 30 transfers over the season, this was tricky. I put £19 into this game 2 for the top and 2 for the bottom. One of the bottom teams was ended up being in the running on the final day of the season. I had thought I had it won by injury time when Man City needed 2 goals to deny me victory. This was of course the most incredible ending to a Premier League season ever. Man City scored 2 goals in injury time against QPR winning them the title and leaving me very excited and then a bit peeved that I had no longer won outright. I was now tied at the top winning £500 which was still a great result. Another profitable and fun season of fantasy football. Note - I had 13 teams in the Euro 2012 Dream Team and did rubbish!


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