Sunday, September 26, 2004

Freshers Weekend 2004

Friday was a sad day at work as the audit manager left. We went to a pub for drinks afterwards but I only stayed a short while to prepare for the rest of the night. I did beat Paul at pool though which felt good extending my unbeaten run to 7 spanning a year.

Then it was off to the university. It was a bad start when Eppy fluked a win at pool ending the aforementioned unbeaten run. Gutted! My unbeaten run is now 1. The rest of the night went quite well. I didn't get really drunk, We got into the uni bar after worries we may need to show student ID. Javine was quite poor just shouting background lyrics down the microphone as her songs played.

There was a fire alarm just after i'd got served for drinks. I feel sorry for the people at the front of the queue at the bar as it took me nearly half an hour to get served as the tills kept breaking. The most annoying things were that whenever I seemed to approach women, they smiled at me and ran. I'm used to that though!

I got in at 3:15 after a weird chat with the most polite taxi driver I've ever spoken to. He was telling me all about his gambling debts he had because he was trying to pay off some other debts. I strongly advised him against gambling on roulette as it is just down to luck and he should invest his money more wisely. Once a (trainee) accountant always an accountant i guess!

Last night was also good fun in Huddersfield as plenty students were out. Again I didn't get really drunk. My mate was tired though so it was only 12:15 when I got in. I did see someone who I haven't seen for nearly 2 years. It's amazing how some people change their appearance so much as I didn't even recognise her!

I've watched about 6 hours of motor racing coverage today. It's all been great especially the touring cars and the new chinese track in formula one looks like it could provide interesting races in the future. It's just a shame the program starts at 6am as i'm now very tired.

I feel tonight might be an early night as i'm tired due to the above.


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