Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Confusing Day

I informed everyone at work of yesterday's bad news. Various people went in to see the managing partner and he called me in in the afternoon and has now decided there is a position for me working within the small business unit of the company. I'm currently mulling over whether to accept it or not given the unprofessional circumstances it has come about by.

In the post yesterday I said it could be interesting, well the small business unit were not happy at all and next thing I know I could be working for them. Interesting if a little confusing at who is actually in charge! Still it's good news. They can have the link back for the time being now.


At Sat Oct 23, 01:25:00 am 2004, Blogger Stephen said...

Sorry to hear about this mate. I hope things work out for you. I couldn't suggest jobs either. Unless you're interested in emmigrating to the antipodes?

Stephen from

At Sun Oct 24, 12:23:00 am 2004, Blogger Ruth said...

Sorry to hear about your problems at work, I hope that you manage to sort things out.


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