Saturday, June 04, 2005

Does Football Ever Stop?

It's been a while since I posted mainly due to having very little computer access due to it being in bits for the last few days and other family members using it when it got put back together. The walls were being painted too.

Anyway the bank holiday weekend was fun. I was out with Rob and then Kate and JJ joined us in Halifax on the Saturday then we toured Sowerby Bridge pubs before tucking into some wine back at Kate's. We went to the quiz at The Stafford where the question difficulty seems to vary enormously. The theme round - The theme is brown (ie all the answers have brown in them) "Who did the first budget speech after Tony Blair became Prime Minister?" Hmmm could the be the only chancellor under Blair's leadership Gordon Brown. Correct. The sport round. Which world championships were held for the first time in 1976? I wasn't sure so I took a guess which was wrong as the correct answer was hangliding. It's so obscure spellcheckers don't ever know how to spell it.

Work's really busy. I'm auditing next for a couple of weeks now which is a nice change. There's a dinner party at Kate's tonight and I'm taking a starter which should be ok but i've not really made anything from scratch since GCSE food technology. Sadly the (in)famous breakfast roll may be too filling for a starter so I'm just doing egg mayonnaise instead.

Now for football. Southend, Sheffield Wednesday and West Ham got promoted through the play-offs. England went on a pointless "tour" of America laying two games beating USA 2-1 and Columbia 3-2. It became less pointless as a couple of younger players shone through and Owen got a hat-trick but I'm suffering a bit from overkill at the moment so didn't watch either. Now the womens European Championship has started and England's games are live on BBC.

They believe it should be seen differently to the mens game. Like in tennis, the womens game is all about rallies the mens is all about power. There just seem to be less things going for it. Ok so there's 22 ladies in shorts and tight t-shirts rather than men and the odd flash of brilliance but it doesn't seem different enough to distinguished differently. Maybe this tournament will change my opinion or maybe I won't watch much of it and just look forward to next season. Oh and before I get angry comments I'm talking about the top level here, not amateur Sunday league any sex football as that's always good to watch especially when you know someone playing :-)


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