Saturday, January 14, 2006

Record And Scientific Experiment!

A record 28 visitors yesterday mainly due to a couple of new readers I imagine although i'm not sure who one of them is! I've just come back from a night in Huddersfield with Rob and Ann. It was the first night of Rob's teetotalness. This was spoilt only by two mouthfuls of VK Blue which is yellow in a glass. Anyway, now I seem to be a poker God at medium levels I'll see if I can win a 9 seater tournament when quite drunk at low levels ($5)...

...Well after a promising start I managed to throw my lead away and come 5th after 45 minutes. I'd say it was quite tough but I'm not sure it was. I think overall I was just too weak due to Smirnoff Ice consumption. I've also learnt from a poker colleague of mine that playing when drunk is bad after $500 or so went just by clicking the wrong button. So the overall conclusion has to be not to play poker after alcohol. Enough science for one day - Bedtime now methinks!


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