Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Work Related Social Events

It was the work Christmas party on Saturday (7th January). This totally against everything I posted just under a week ago and it just felt like a meal and a cheesy disco afterwards and not Christmassy. The DJ was trying very hard though and offered to play Christmas songs but I didn't hear one all night. The food was good as was the wine which there was plenty of as there were only 2 on my table drinking the fine red stuff. This was a good thing as drinks cost a lot. I felt nicely tipsy at the end to finish my 19 day run over Christmas without alcohol.

On the alcohol subject, Baileys After Eight Mints stink worse that the nastiest smell ever so don't buy them.

I've been been to Patrick's house for a little Pro Evolution Soccer 5 tournament. Tom won even though he was the worst player. I guess he was like Blackburn when they beat up Chelsea last year to get a draw. You just can't play well against that sort of play. Anyway 2nd wasn't bad and maybe I'll win another time!


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