Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bowling God

Forget the deep and not so meaningful I mentioned as i'm happy again now. Mood swings eh!

It was student society bowling before my post last Wednesday. My action was receiving criticism from various quarters and my previous bowling efforts (see earlier posts which I can't be bothered to find) haven't really been up to much so it was a shock to all including myself that I was quite decent.

We had a nice buffet to begin with (mental note - pies make me bowl better) then a couple of games. In the first game I had six spares in the first seven goes and finished on 105 beating the mighty 100 mark. I started off the second game in usual style scoring seven after two goes but then came three strikes in a row (a turkey) and I won on our lane (I can't remember the last time I won) with 117 against creditable opposition too. Although on aggregate I was about 5th out of 21 (another good turnout) even beating some males (including my brother) in the process. There was only Cheryl out of the girls who beat me but she doesn't count - different league and all that :-)

It was nice to see some people I haven't seen for a long while and was good fun. Then we went into town and I suddenly lost all enthusiasm so went home after one J2O. Sorry for being boring. I should point out at this point I realise there is a slight exaggeration in the title but it sounds better than "Bowling Respect Earned At Last".

I'm going for my record of 120 next time. Only held it about 10 years!!!


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