Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dime Bars, Quiz History

A bag of mini Dime Bars was our prize for losing in the quiz on Monday. Amazingly it appears to be the first time i've been on a team coming last since December 2004. While it may not seem amazing to many new readers, the history goes a little like this.

Me and some guys from school had a team and we tried real hard, half of them quit, Sarah got married, I shoulda known we'd never get far. Oh i look back now... and remember how bad we were losing pretty much every week even when there were up to 9 or 10 of us on the team so not losing for two years is still a decent achievement.

There were only five teams and we were only 2 behind 4th with 74 out of 142. Last week we were 4th out of six with 86 out of 128 so it was a much harder quiz this time around with no rubbish teams and no outside help.

In a spooky coincidence, last time we lost the quiz, I won the raffle, and this happened again on Monday. This is my 4th victory and 3rd t-shirt, my other prize being 12 bottles of Christmas Ale.

I don't remember DJ Otzi's version of Summer of '69. That's probably a good thing. The Ashes start in ten minutes. I feel a deep and meaningful (well actually not very meaningful at all) coming on...


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