Thursday, December 23, 2004

Bad Results and Other Stuff

I didn't post about Huddersfield's great win because they lost 1-0. We did deserve a draw after the 2nd half performance and it was unbelievable to see one of our shots hit the inside of the post, roll across the goal line, miss the other post and go out for a goal kick. There's always next time I suppose and my friends who I used to work with haven't been too bad in their gloating. Got 3 months to come though!

We also lost at the quiz on Monday night but this is nothing new. We did seem to do worse than normal but I did win a super smashing great Christmas prize prize in the raffle - 12 bottles of Christmas Ale.

In other news, the Old Crossleyans dinner was good on Friday. I think I may have drunk a lot of wine. The taxi was scary. Maybe he was drunk too as he did seem unhealthily excited when I gave him a plastic car that I'd won from a cracker as a tip (gave him money too in case you were wondering:-))

I went to play at Kate's house on Saturday which was very good, and went to the pub last night to welcome Bill and (T)Ed back from their excellent adventures at university (ok i know it's not funny). I saw The Incredibles (real film link this time) on Tuesday which was very good but not as good as Pixar's last two films (Monster's Inc. and Finding Nemo). Still well worth watching though.

It's my annual visit to church tomorrow night missing out on all the partying but it'd be too busy for my liking around town, getting a taxi would be difficult and expensive and I feel that it's important to keep up with my faith at this time of year. I prefer church to party on Christmas Eve, which leads me to a boring fact. Church attendances rise at Christmas to 2% of people living in Bradford and 10% in some other city but 41% more alcohol is drunk in December in the UK than in other months.

I had what Santa and I would call a mince pie earlier, however on the box it was called a mincemeat sundae. I'm quite sure Father Christmas will like them as they seemed to disappear fairly quickly.

Anyway I've bored you enough! Merry Christmas to all my readers and I hope Mr. Christmas brings you everything you asked for.


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