Thursday, February 01, 2007

Parking Fees Rising

At the start of the year parking fees went up in Halifax (fill me in if you know how much it is now). Next week they rise 43% in Huddersfield to £4 per day. When I started work in Hudderfield just over 2 years ago it was £2 per day. So, councils need money and want to get cars off the road so they take this action. Perhaps they could see make sure that trains and buses are full to capacity at rush hour anyway so if more people want to use them, it would be uncomfortable and they'd probably just go back to their car anyway. Perhaps the solution is to build better roads and not go over budget in the future.

Another thing, where are you meant to get 20 pound coins from per week? Will new machines be intrduced that actually give change from notes? If everyone goes to the newsagent downstairs with a fiver every day and buys a packet of crisps, he's not going to be happy at having to go to the bank for more pound coins a few times a day. Ah we could go to banks who may happily change our money if they can be bothered. That would mean queueing for 15 mins on a lunchtime though.

The best solution i've heard so far, which i'm going to share as i'm here to help, is to go to the amusements, put a £20 note in the change machine and there is your parking money for the week. No queue, no buying crisps from grumpy newsagents and not a lot of hassle.

On the other hand you could just park for free out of town and walk, but that would mean walking. What's the point in having a car if you have to walk?!


At Thu Feb 01, 03:34:00 pm 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Genius!! Marsh for councillor, you need to stand.

At Thu Feb 08, 01:31:00 pm 2007, Blogger Toph said...

Look it worked! and also parking machines weren't fitted in time costing the council almost £2000 per day if they haven't fitted them in any car parks.


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