Sunday, January 16, 2005

Man In White Suit and Ladies Football

On Friday I was in Halifax with Sarah, Kate, JJ and Amanda and had enough alcohol to make me happy again. We ended up in Jumpin Jaks. There is an old guy in a white suit every Friday night in Jumpin Jaks who dances on the stage all night long and hugs all the younger women which some of them enjoy and others don't. He shook my hand and told me it was his 70th birthday, then when he told the DJ he got champagne and a huge cheer so a big happy birthday to Gordon (like he's going to read this).

Yesterday after Liverpool vs Man Utd. I went for a walk with Rosie but this was less eventful than normal as it was not a "Rosie Walk". Still enjoyable though. I then watched Arsenal lose to Bolton and hand Chelsea their first title for 50 years. Well almost, they are now 10 points ahead with 15 games to play.

Today when I got up it was nice and sunny so I decided it was time for a reality check and so it was time to get back to grass roots football, and who better to watch than Rosie playing for Hebden Royd Ladies. However the weather forecast was wrong and it rained quite a lot (though nowhere near as heavily as New Year's Day). This was my first experience of watching ladies football and I was sceptical when I saw there were no linesmen for the game (video replays definitely not appropriate). The match had an average attendance of 8 which is quite sad and must be demoralising for those playing - having hardly anyone watching or shouting support especially as this was a cup match with the home team favourite to win. Despite the lack of support, they did win 7-1 and outclassed Hemsworth Miners throughout. The pitch was a real quagmire with no grass present on an estimated 30% of the pitch. The team did very well and I won't rule out going again sometime. They were more entertaining than Bradford Park Avenue anyway and it was good to see what real football is like again.


At Mon Jan 17, 10:24:00 pm 2005, Blogger Dozy Rosie said...

No linesmen? We were lucky to have a ref!


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