Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Steve Royal & Dave Spikey

On Friday night I went with JJ to see Dave Spikey (Jerry St Clair/Dignam from Phoenix Nights) at the Victoria Theatre, Halifax. He did about a 90 minute sketch followed by another half hour in character as Jerry. Steve Royal was the warm up act and did a good job of taking the piss out of latecomers, the "shite" seats and balancing guitars on his chin followed by juggling them. Spikey was funny - as you'd expect a stand up comic to be. He did go places that most people would never go anywhere near in conversation making his audience cringe but laugh at the same time. Not as good as Peter Kay but still well worth seeing.

Afterwards we went into Barracuda for a quick J2O and met Kate. This meant 2 more J2Os as we went on Bar Eleven (first ever drink in there) and Edison's. We felt quite old in there though so then went back to Kate's and then home and got to bed about 3am just four hours later than planned.


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