Saturday, June 11, 2005

Bouncebackability Boost

Bouncebackability has made it into the Collins English Dictionary. Now this surely means it will be entered into the Oxford English Dictionary when they add new words. It means, "the ability to recover after a setback, (especially) in sport.” It's not made it through the Blogger spell check though!


At Mon Sept 24, 12:25:00 am 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all need a little bouncebackability now and again, through any of lifes setbacks. The road to recovery can be a steep hill to climb, with the right system, tools and mindset anyone can climb that mountain. A positive outlook is a good start, The R.A.S (reticular activation system) targets all your senses on what you are focusing on. If you are focusing on the problems, all you will see and notice is the problems. If however you focus you mind on finding solutions then the senses are tuned to finding those solutions, and find them you will.


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