Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Freak Weather

Today was a lovely hot day - a little too hot for a work day really. This was until it went dark and became windy at 4:45. "Looks like there might be a storm on my drive home" I thought to myself. Then it rained for 10-15 minutes with rain harder than ever. You know when you can't see into the distance because of the rain? Well it was like that but you could barely see 100 metres. So when it eased of a little, I set off home from the client's premises. On my way down the road i saw water trying to burst out of all the outlets and manhole covers in the road then I got to the bottom of the hill where there was a big puddle. So I turned round and went back to the client to tell them not to go down as it was flooded.

I was then told that the hill was impassable going up as there was a big hole there. Hmmm, so I'm stranded then. A guy in a van was just leaving so he suggested I followed him through and I agreed. Then I thought "why did I do that - he has no idea how deep it is!" But it was either that or stay there for hours so I took the risk. I was not filled with confidence when, just in front of the van, a Toyota Carina (taxi) decided it was too deep for him. The van then overtook him through the middle of the flood. I seized my opportunity to follow and made it out of the other side. The car was ok afterwards (not perfect, but ok) and, after picking the rest of the family up who had also been held up finally got home at 6:35. 7 miles in 100 minutes!


At Thu Sept 01, 05:39:00 pm 2005, Blogger Dozy Rosie said...

It's not so bad being hot all day when you get to work outside :)

We had very loud thunder here too, but not till I was tucked up in bed & it didn't have quite so much water with it.


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