Saturday, August 13, 2005

Great Week And Premiership Starts Too

Last week which was ages ago now Kate, JJ, Sarah and I went bowling for Kate's birthday. I got 88 and 94 and didn't excel. We then went for drinks in Sowerby Bridge afterwards and was a pleasant evening.

Anyway that was last week. This week in brief is as follows:

Monday - Won over $275.20 (£157.51) in a poker tournament - my biggest win yet. Now well on the way to being even.
Tuesday - Went to see Huddersfield Town play Bristol City. We were all over them and claimed an 89th minute winner. 1-0. "Who needs Mourinho, when we've got Jacko!"
Wednesday - Started studying.
Thursday - Went out for drinks for Sarah's birthday.
Friday - Watched Big Brother 6 live final which Anthiny won. Never heard a contestant be booed as much as Makosi was during the interview though.
Today - It's Sarah's wedding this afternoon so I got a quick haircut this morning and will have to get ready soon. The weather is changeable. Should be a great event though.

Today is also the start of the new Premiership season which Chelsea will win, Arsenal 2nd, Man Utd 3rd, Liverpool 4th, Middlesborough 5th, Sunderland 20th, Wigan 19th, maybe Fulham 18th. That's what I think anyway but I do like West Ham so maybe I'm biased. Not sure if two West Ham defenders in the Dream Team was such a good idea. Hopefully my £35 investment into three different leagues will pay off come May.


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