Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mill Royd Street

Now, 3 other small points. Firstly the proposed closure of Mill Royd Street in Brighouse. It's currently one of the most used streets especially for people from Rastrick wanting to get to the motorway but developers plan to build a shopping centre on it and a new road around it. The road at the moment is very busy and new traffic lights have been put up to help, which they have (to my surprise) so shutting it seems like a daft idea as it would mean only one road from Rastrick to Brighouse and onto the motorway and that would include going via Tesco roundabout (nightmare).

While a new road would be nice, more shops out of the town centre can only be a bad thing for the current established businesses and although bringing jobs to the area, this may drive out others. The traffic system simply would not be able to cope. A group called "The Friends Of Mill Royd Street" has been set up to try and save the street which seems a little over the top but amazingly had about 150 people at a meeting the other week. Anyone wishing to learn more about the situation or comment and give their views are welcome to leave a comment.


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