Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Trams, Leavers

I went to Manchester last week on a Sage course. On the way back from the course (held in the impressive Salford Quays area, near Old Trafford) we decided to get a tram back to the railway station as they were every six minutes. We bought our tickets and the platform was quite full.

"Although most of our routes are running full services, please be warned that passengers may have to wait up to 24 minutes for a service" (or something like that).

After 18 minutes a tram came. Woohoo! My joy was shortlived when it was packed to the doors with people standing so not many people could fit on. After hearing the message another twice and another 15 minutes going by, another tram came and although having to stand we made it on. I won't be using that form of transport again for a while.

Stephen, Jon, Gina, and Matt are leaving/have left work so about 35 people were out on Friday going to places I never knew existed in Huddersfield. Anyway, I just kept drinking which was not good though I did manage 11 SI's in a record time. I seem to be getting more drunk a lot recently. Ah well, roll on Friday - a celebration for Ann passing all her exams. Well done!


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