Saturday, December 24, 2005

Lonely This Christmas (Nearly)

My parents finally got back from their holiday in Antarctica this morning after a flight delay of over 24 hours caused by the flaps not opening on the approach to the refuel stop in Sao Paolo. The weather there was somewhat different to that in Antarctica. According to the British Airways they were not due in until 7pm tonight which would have meant me picking them up at around 5am on Christmas morning. They ended up coming home with Lufthansa and giving us around half an hour notice to clean up.

Due to the above, I was feeling quite sad most of yesterday at the prospect of Christmas not happening and being without loved ones on the day. This was especially the case inthe evening so I didn't feel much like drinking but I went out anyway and spent about 6 hours in The Murg with Kate, JJ, Bill, Rosie and Ed. It wasn't a non eventful night and just after 2am there was a little scuffle at the other side of the pub. We thought nothing more of it until we left and saw the guy who got thrown out with blood on his hands and all the glass in the door smashed as he tried to get back in. Crazy fool!

I no longer have poker profit but it's that sort of game i guess and I did say it was unofficial. Nearly time for my annual visit to church. Merry Christmas everyone!


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