Saturday, December 17, 2005

Pearl Retires, Town To Play Chelski

Pearl the tea lady retired yesterday. She is being replaced by two coffee machines. I'm sure she'll be missed. Her retirement meal at Bradleys Restaurant was very nice and afterwards I joined the audit department on the end of their curry night. The curries had been finished so we were just drinking. I didn't have much but a beer to finish the night off gave me a hangover and made me look rough the following day.

Last night I went to see The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It was a good film with great effects especially the anthropomorphisation (so I'm told by JJ) which wasn't beyond belief. My favourite character had to be Philip the horse for his unexpected cameo role. JJ Kate and I then went into town to Pitchers replacement - The Cell, Barracuda and Jumpin Jaks. It was a nice evening but for the time of year there were far too few young ladies wearing a santa hat with mistletoe on.

On the subject of mistletoe the only piece i've come across this year is above the photocopier at work. I spend enough time there but sadly Emma Bunton's music career is still strong enough for her not to turn to accountancy!

I went to see Huddersfield today. It was a rubbish game against Southend. 0-0. The same result as the rubbish game against Bradford. At least we beat Forest and Worcester (live on BBC) to book our place in the FA Cup 3rd round (for the first time since we got relegated from the top two divisions) where we take on the Russian billionaire Roman Abrhamovic's and Jose Mourinho's Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. It should be good experience for our young side. A replay would be nice.

My Sun Fantasy Football team has been doing incredibly well of late pushing me to the top of my old work and current work leagues by 193 and 121 points respectively. I was also 58th in the country last week out of over 542000. I will have slipped after this weekend and I believe the overall prize may be just out of reach.


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