Thursday, December 22, 2005

Welcome To New Readers

On Monday night it was the Huddersfield Student Society Christmas Meal. This went well with nice food and free cocktails. Chocolate and alcohol in the same glass - what a great idea (though it was a bit rich). Rob informed people I work with of the blog which has seen ratings soar in the last few days.

I'd just like to say a "big up" to Andy for passing all his exams. Well done to Patrick too for passing his. They now have no more to do. Hopefully this will be my situation in a couple of years or so. I did receive my first pay rise in my current job which was a nice short term shot in the arm before Christmas.

I've still not seen any more mistletoe around. Maybe there'll be some tomorrow. There's certainly not much action under the photocopier anyway especially after rumours of jealousy and even knife fighting ;-) (only rumours mind). It's the finger buffet tomorrow and finishing work at about 12:00 to have it.

I need to tidy my desk before this though which may take up a good proportion of the morning. A good proportion of the afternoon will also be taken up as my parents arrive home tomorrow evening so it's time we cleaned up, though i must mention that Phil has done an impressive job with some housework today.

Kate, JJ and I went to The Staford quiz on Tuesday night and didn't perform well. Luckily though we did know most of The 12 Days Of Christmas as out of 70 points, there were a possible 11 available on this subject. There was also major controversy at the end with the team in 2nd one point behind the team in first complaining that they had the right answer and it had been marked wrong. He gave them it in the end and the result was a tie. We were only 13 behind!

The controversial question was:- "Name baby Jesus' mother, father, and the angel who came down to see them" So the answer we put (as we had already checked that he actually meant surrogate father) was "Mary, Joseph and Gabriel." 3 points. He failed to state the whole surrogacy thing in the question though and other teams put God causing the controversy. While it is a good quiz, maybe he should choose questions in the future which only have one answer!

I heard a really good joke on Saturday night but it just wouldn't work here so ask me about it next time you see me. I think i'm going out tomorrow seeing Ed and Rosie for the first time in ages which will be good.

I also have unofficial poker profit. Unofficial as the profit is not actually in my bank but i have funds in poker accounts to cover my losses. Whew it's only taken 14 months to break even and now I can go on to make money!

It's nearly Christmas, all presents bought, all cards sent (whether they get there before Christmas is another matter) (except one for hand delivery) and everything seems good in the world at the moment - well, most things anyway :-)


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