Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How Fit Am I?, Ill

Today was the first time in over three years (as far as i recall) i've had to miss work through illness. I managed to get a full morning in, but couldn't concentrate, or produce decent, quick work as I was blowing my nose at least every five minutes. I got told I didn't look very well and I certainly didn't feel it so I spent the afternoon resting at home. My nose is slightly less runny now but i can feel my throat tightening up. Hopefully it's only a bout of man flu and i'll be fit for work (if not 100% tomorrow).

It's just a coincidence I should be ill when testing how fit I am. Not fit as in "phwooaar he's fit" (cos I know no-one would ever say that) but fit as in number of calories burned etc. To do this I am wearing a pedometer for the week (as spotted by eagle-eyed Adeel today). The results should be posted here daily for a week or so and analysed accordingly if I can be bothered. However, whatever the results are, I have no plans to join a Gym or eat less chocolate :-)


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