Monday, April 24, 2006

Old Faces

I was in Halifax on Friday night where I saw a few old faces from the past. Not that I recognised any of them. Vicki from Vicki and Sharon recognised me so we had a quick catch up. I then thought I saw Louise but maybe I didn't. Wasn't sure it was her so I didn't approach. The Nicola incident was too fresh in my mind. A couple of friends of my ex girlfriend then recognised me late on in the Colisseum. They've changed a lot. I didn't have a long chat with them as I feel my speech was a bit slurred by that point but it's good to know they're ok.

I was quite hungover the morning after. This may have been due to me having my first pints since April last year. That would be over a year then. I did quite enjoy them although I only had 2 and coupled with 6-8 (not quite sure) of my favourite tipple this left me quite tipsy. A formula for this is S=2P (looks like a week of business finance tuition has gone to my head!


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