Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So Much Football, So Little Blogging

The World Cup has been on over the last 2 and a half weeks so I've been watching most of it and not posting much on here. I guess this was quite obvious but I did feel I should point it out.

After my birthday last Tuesday, which an alarming number of people seemed to forget, I went out to celebrate that and my big win by buying drinks for everyone at work. My cunning plan to tell everyone 4 weeks in advance and not remind them was rewarded by a very poor attendance with not more than 6 people out at any one time but thanks to those who turned up and I think we had a good time. As for those who didn't it's not every night I buy lots of drinks so you missed out whether you had a good excuse, forgot or were just being boring.

Last Wednesday was the Student Society wine tasting evening followed by watching the World Cup in Varsity. Holland v Argentina was ok but not a thriller. I did learn a bit about wine though and drank quite a lot of it too. There was no spitting as I felt that to taste it properly it should be felt in the back of the throat!

My mum is currently driving me mad to the point where i'm feeling the sooner I move out the better. Hopefully it will be soon too but I kinda just said that. I'm a bit bored now there's no football on and no studying to do. I have been to the pub for the last two nights though so that might have something to do with it. I should mention that from those two pub visits, the days of us embarrassing ourselves are well and truly over at The Big 6 and mediocrity is now seen as a regular occurrence. I beat Kate and JJ at pool last night which was nice as I haven't played or ages. Kate idn't play her best though as she was whooped last night but I know she can nearly beat me. As for JJ, well, keep practicing lad. A three ball head start and having two left on the table at the end is not really very good!

Henman's out of Wimbledon again - shock - at least he didn't build the nation's hopes up this time. There's always next year Tim - remember Goran Ivanisevic?!


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