Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another Rant

Maybe it's the hot weather or somethng but all I seem to be doing when blogging ranting these days.

It's been very hot (30 degrees Celsius) in our room at work. It's far too hot to be very productive and other things have been annoying me a little too. It is also noisy due to the main road and lots of bus stops outside but we have to have the windows open to let some "air" (bus fumes) in. This makes it impossible to hear what the person near who is saying and difficult to make phone calls. There's also a funny smell been lingering but Glade plug-ins are seeing to that.

We have been bought ice creams by the partners twice which was a nice gesture. The water machine is another problem though. I don't mind too much having to go downstairs for some cold water. But I do get quite annoyed to find someone has just filled a big bottle or jug with it making it warm for the next person. That's why I only have a glass or a cup, to keep it cold. If I wanted warm water I'd run the tap or get a bottle of my own and keep it there all morning.

We lost in the World Cup to Portugal even though they were rubbish and Christiano Ronaldo is a diving, cheating, moaning, con artist who should have been sent off many times for protesting that people be booked. Then he lies about it in the post match interview. Well I hope for his sake he gets sold to another country or I think he will face a good kicking and lots of angry crowd reaction.

He has lost the fans vote for young player of the tournament because of his antics as the BBC Sport website instructed everyone who read it to vote for the guy in 2nd and this got forwarded around the country. I voted for Luis Valencia of Ecuador yesterday when he was 15000 votes behind. Voting has now ended and Valencia finished about 90000 votes ahead! The power of the internet rears it's beautiful head once again. Ha!

Thanks to people for sending me late birthday cards. It is appreciated but the post wasn't meant to be a huge guilt trip thing! Oops!

I feel a bit better now I've got that off my chest. Maybe i'll write a happy post soon.


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