Friday, July 21, 2006

The Curse Strikes Again

Following on from my last post, the out of office curse has reared it's ugly head again as I failed my exam. I know I wouldn't have passed if i'd been in the office but it's a weird coincidence isn't it (i refuse to write innit).

In fact that caps a totally shite day i've had today. I was auditing in Sheffield. It took me an hour to get to Sheffield and an hour to find where I was supposed to be going. I thought I might have trouble after going on three internet map websites and getting three different locations (though I did find the humourously named Letsby Avenue). It turns out that internet directions are not always right especially when the place you need to go is very unlikely to be mapped out on any map!

Other things also went wrong then the arsy guy from The Sun phoned about my letter of complaint/advice and told me I was getting no more money and he was right. Though he was nicer this time and even saw my point of view.

I'm just waiting for something else to happen now like when I finish writing this I'll fall downstairs and break my neck or something...


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